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About the school

Since its foundation in 1951 the School has provided education in fields of civil engineering. Gradually, more school subjects were added. However, the school has always stayed focused on building and timbering professions. Over time the school has established close connections and cooperated with many construction companies in Pardubice region, which allows the school to fulfill one of its strategic goals – maximal interconnection of theoretical knowledge with practical skills. Throughout its existence the school responded to the needs of its potential employers and demands of parents and students. Investments into school modernization allowed for better practical training. School’s students participate through Erasmus + exchange traineeships directly in companies abroad.

School profile

  • Construction and woodworking – fields with perspective application
  • The latest version of educational programs in modern classrooms
  • Professional team of educators
  • Permeability between taught subjects without repeating the class
  • Takes into consider individual needs of students
  • Europass for educational recognition abroad
  • Professional internships in construction companies abroad
  • Professional training in our own workshops, building companies or social partner companies of the school
  • Scholarships in selected fields throughout the studies
  • Education of adults
  • Food, boarding and free time activities directly within the building