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Student’s parliament

Parliament’s mission

Students have the right to participate in school management and to give incentives for its development. They will learn how to treat adults, accept authority and to express, justify and promote their opinion. The parliament also helps to create democratic climate in school, spark interest in students about events happening around them and to create such attitude that is needed for the right functioning of democratic principles.

Parliament Election

Students of each class choose one representative from their class. Election period is one school year. The elections are held secretly based on equal and direct rights and according to the principles of the majority system.

The principles of the parliament

  1. Students have the right to participate in school events.
  2. Student parliament represent the students.
  3. Each class and each field in school is represented in the parliament.
  4. The decisions of SP are based on the will and findings of its members. The president of the parliament has the decisive vote.
  5. Member of the SP has the right to renounce his seat.
  6. Members cannot be penalized for votes and speeches made at meetings.
  7. SP meetings are regular.
  8. It’s possible for the SP to assemble in the presence of one third of its members.
  9. The SP provides information on its activities by a brief record about its conducts.
  10. The class that did not choose its representative or if the representative does not attend the meetings loses the ability to decide on school events.